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Shimano Ro86l Road Bike Shoes : Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7200 Exercise Bike.

Shimano Ro86l Road Bike Shoes

shimano ro86l road bike shoes

    bike shoes
  • (Bike shoe) Cycling shoes are shoes purpose-built for cycling. There are a variety of designs depending on the type and intensity of the cycling for which they are intended.

  • The leading manufacturer of bicycle parts. Shimano has come to dominate the industry, and to have a near monopoly on many parts categories.

  • Shimano, Inc. is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of cycling components, fishing tackle, and snowboarding equipment.

  • The Japanese company that's the worldwide leading manufacturer of bicycle components. Founded by Shozaburo Shimano in 1922.

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Day 18: Biking

Day 18: Biking

So my Dad and I went biking today. Though these aren't biking shoes. Had no idea what photo to take for today. So here are some shoes that my dad used for the bike ride.

new bike shoes (purdy!)

new bike shoes (purdy!)

Fancy new Northwave's to replace the 17 year-old shimanos. Hope they do they do me as proud as their predecessors.

shimano ro86l road bike shoes

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